Barrie Pool Players CCS League #503


  • Summer League

  • Tips to remember

  • Refund of money for the Canadians

  • Last league session and Payouts


To all Barrie Pool Players CCS League #503 members:


I hope this letter finds everyone well. I would like to start off by saying thank you for your patience. This has been a difficult and unprecedented time and not something we could have predicted. I know people have a lot of questions and concerns about the future of the league. I am here to tell you that the leagues will continue in the future in compliance with safety guidelines.

As of right now Dunlop Billiards is only allowed to have a maximum of 50 people inside the building at one time. This doesn’t include the patio. So starting next week we will have a shortened summer league (8 weeks). I am only doing a Wednesday night and I have 8 teams that I am taking on that night. I am pleased to say we filled the 8 spots but some of those teams need extra players, so I will be adding players to the teams that need someone. I know there were a few people looking to get on teams.

My goal is to get people back playing the game they love and to help support Steph and Jamie as this has not been an easy time for them. 


On that note here are a few things to remember:

  • Only have your 5 players that are playing that night in the pool hall (8 teams means 40 people out of the 50 that are allowed)

  • They can sit outside and have drinks on the patio

  • Face masks are required indoors

  • As of right now, no more shaking hands before and after matches

  • I personally recommend having your own equipment including chalk even though the pool hall will have it and will be talking all sanitary precautions

Money of the Canadians

I will be at Dunlop Billiards this Friday July 17th between 7 and 9 pm to refund all teams and players that had paid for the Canadians. Hope to see you there.


Last session and payouts

I officially called the season after week 24 and was hopeful we could still run the playoffs at some point this summer but that is not going to happen. Therefore all teams will be paid out according to where they finished the season with the money collected to that point. I have not picked a time for us to get together to distribute the prize money. Unfortunately we have not been allowed to gather in large groups.

I’m hopeful that come August we can gather in larger groups so I can explain things further and talk about our next session. If not I will meet with the captain’s only at Dunlop. 


Yours truly,

Bruno Giuliano